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Ned Flanders-=P-E-A-C-E=-
Susan NortonPeace for all.
MilicaDream, explore, discover. :D
MilicaDream, explore, discover. :D
Felix GottwaldBe the change you want to see in the world! & BE IT TODAY:)
Ane HerberStand together. Be there for eachother.
Jiani ZhouThank you Lillehammer. I am embracing sincerity every day here.
Irene LardschneiderLo sport unisce tante persone senza distinguerne il sesso o la provenienza e porta alla pace tra tante nazioni.
Viva le Olimpiadi e lo sport!
Jacob PivonkaThe goal of the Olympic Games is to bring men and women from different countries together for a time of competition amongst the best athletes in the world. This calls for a time of peace and is what we should strive to attain in our everydsy lives.
joanna linkarPeace for ever, for everybody!
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