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Anne McKernanPeace.
Pat BeazleyMy prayers are for the Truce to last forever
Anna DermitzakiWith much hope for the future, let's all give a hand for the Olympic truce.
2020 A Year Without WarLet us together make 2020 a yearlong truce based on the Summer Olympic Truce. contact@ayww.org
Daniel SvecI too hope to have the Olympic Truce reinstated. We even started a Czech group sending out hard copy letters to the heads of state of many countries, G8, EU, etc. Our Facebook page called Peace During the Olympics. Thank you for the work you are doing. We would like to work with you. Any tips for helping us spread the word in our country would be greatly appreciated. Wishing you a great day. Daniel
Martyn DavisLet's create a world were everyone is equal, irrespective of race, gender, sexuality or mobility.
Boys National School Castleisland Conor and John; Dream for peace, see the peace.
Daire; Peace4Life
Raigardas; Keep calm and declare peace
Peter and Patrick; Keep Calm and stay peaceful at the Olympics
Naiem and Shane Óg; Peace is joyful war is conflict.
Konrad; Peace is an element of the Earth so we should care for it.
Micheal OS; Keep the world blue, keep the peace
Micheal N and Jack; Peace eradicates all melancholy.
When peace shines in the world, the world shines with happiness.
Peace rebuilds peoples souls, whereas war destroys them.
Sarah KeaneI wish for peace world wide and what better way to bring people together and celebrate through peace through sport
Schools International Peace QuiltWe invite schools worldwide to take part in 'Stride for Truce' calling for an Olympic Truce. Make it happen for your school. https://peacequilt.wordpress.com/connect/
Camila TortPeople of different nations living in the same village can connecting with each other, at least for a couple of days, is the best way towards a global culture and global understanding of the other. Sports for peace
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