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Vibhana KanwarPeace should always prevail.
Prof. Joseph WhitePlease join with 2020 A Year Without War to secure a global one-year truce in 2020. We hope there will be a 2020 Olympic Truce for one-month.
tokio sakodaLet's learn the ancient times.
Flávia Vasconcellos AmaralWe had great games in my country in the city of Rio this year and the Olympic Truce prevailed over all. We have just had a major politics upheaval in my continent, but hopefully we will keep worldwide truce in the games to come!
Pavlos PantazisΥποστηρίζω θερμότατα την πρωτοβουλία "Ολυμπιακή Εκεχειρία"
David BoberA Truce for the Olympic Games
Aqua Publica EuropeaIn the same way that the Olympic flame was sacred for the ancient Greeks, water has to be revered as an essential pillar of life for all living beings.

Water is a foundation for peace: the recognition of the access to water as a fundamental right is a cornerstone of peaceful coexistence, any lack of access to such a resource leading to conflict. APE supports the Olympic Truce.
vasilis magklaras-
Anne McKernanPeace.
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